Come and Experience Macau Casinos Along the Cotai Strip Gambling Mecca

When people speak about casinos and night life, Las Vegas is often the first city which springs to mind. Renowned for its razzmatazz atmosphere, night life and casino’s, Asia has its own flavor along the south east coast of China. Along this special administrative region, you will find a large number of Macau casinos and night life spots to enjoy the night away.

Macau used to be a former Portuguese colony, and this is still reflected in a lot of the architecture today. Over the years it has changed from an area known for to its powerful underground world, to one of the largest legal gambling meccas in the east.

Macau “Cotai Strip”

Similar to the famous Sunset Strip in LA, the Cotai Strip in Macau is also a famous playground of the rich and famous. A great atmosphere created by the presence of its 26 legal casinos and other gambling facilities. Famous business magnet, Stanley Ho, had a huge influence in the development of this area.

This area is has two huge huge entertainment areas or casino cities. It has all the characteristic associated with an area of pleasure. As a person passes through this strip, you are lost in the sea of neon lights, casinos, night life and bars. Visitors can enjoy all of this excitement, while still being exposed to all the fine Chinese cuisine.

Of the 26 casinos on the strip, there are at least 3 worth mentioning. The Casino Lisboa, The Rio Casino, and The Sands Macau. They are all great places where you can just indulge and enjoy yourself. Each one is also unique in its own right with its own special appeal.

Casino Lisboa

The casino is part of a huge complex, where there are may prominent remnants of the Portuguese influence in the design as architecture. The casino itself has over 240 tables and 480 slot machines. There is also at least 6 restaurants where it is possible to get something to eat. Accommodation is also taken care of. In the complex there are 430 rooms extending over 47 floors. These have a remarkable view over large areas of the strip.

Rio Casino

This is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a night at the casino within a classic environment. The center is designed as a royal Italian palace. Adjacent to the gambling floor, there are many rooms and suites to spend the night. Each was is an Italian masterpiece.

The Sands Macau

This is the largest casino on the strip and is based on the Las Vegas Sands. It has a gambling floor covering an amazing area of 229 000 sq ft, with 1254 slot machines and 740 tables. A large number of staff are from eastern ascent with many years experience on the once famous floating casinos. This places the Sands in a position to offer their clients a unique, professional brand of service.

The Cotai Strip along the south east coast of China, is the gambling Mecca of the East. If you are looking for Macau casinos, there are over 26 to choose from.