Macau is one of the few tourist locations that have a myriad of attractions to offer those who visit. It is therefore not surprising that Macau gardens are just a huge tourist attraction as the many buildings that revelers enjoy visiting. The beautifully tended to parks and the lush green gardens of Macau offer you a place to relax and get your mind off life if only for a while. With more than enough options in recreational activities, these parks offer the perfect holiday ambience and give you a chance to experience the true authenticity of this unique part of Asia.

If you are traveling with your child they will surely enjoy the cool and refreshing environment in Macau gardens. Most often than not, popular cartoon faces are seen in the gardens much to the amusement of the young ones. The gardens are not built in isolation however as some are beautifully fused with ancient Asian architecture giving tourists a taste of what gothic Asia looked like in earlier years. Some of the activities you can engage in at Macau gardens include;

– Photography backed by the beautiful backgrounds

– Picnics amidst the grass and beautiful flowers

– Evening walks under the beautiful Macau skies

Macau has several gardens which can be visited by tourists and locals alike. All of them have different visual experiences to offer anyone who visits and below are a few examples.

  1. Camoes garden

Also known as the Casa garden, this Macau garden offers tourists and locals a visual experience of a lifetime. It is beautifully perched atop a hill and boasts of once housing the chairperson of the BEIC. Fusing Portuguese, British and Chinese artistic elements, these gardens offer an overwhelmingly beautiful scenic experience while still retaining a placid feel to it. Within it lies a cemetery and art gallery that tourists travel each year to come visit. Its very name beckons to travelers as it is named after the ancient poet Luis de Camoes whose bronze statue still stands in the beautiful garden.

  1. Carmel Garden

With a largely European theme and feel, this is a garden that has been referred to as a formal garden. It is located in the well-known Taipa Island and is an attraction for the religious as it is named after the Our Lady of Carmel church standing tall right next to it. Towering over Taipa village because it is also situated on top of a hill this breathtaking garden is renowned for its vineyards and immaculate flowerbeds. Its belvedere paths are also a major tourist attraction.

  1. Flora Gardens

Of all of Macau gardens, this is the one that is perhaps loved most by tourists and locals. Despite the fact that it is a western park it still attracts droves of people to Macau each season. It is found at the base of a hill unlike the previous Macau gardens mentioned here and lies upon the former grounds of the Flora Palace. Waterfalls, palms, beautiful tended flowerbeds and exceptional shrubs are just some of the natural attractions that this garden has to offer. To get a breathtaking view of the entire garden, there are cable cars to take you around the vast expanse of the garden. Other notable Macau gardens include the Garden of Montanha Russa, Garden of the arts and Lou Lim Leoc Garden. All these gardens are truly a reason to visit Macau as they will help you see the beautiful state in a different light each time.